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    SafeSpot® | Comfy Kitty Hammock

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    Your Cat's New Favorite Spot!

    If your fuzzy family is anything like ours, they love jumping, climbing, and finding the most ridiculous spots to hang out! The Hangin Kitty Hammock uses a an amazing suction cup design so you can give your cat am AWESOME & Comfy new spot to jump to!


    Hangin Kitty Hammock - The Kitty Korner


    Calming & Comfortable!

    When cat's don't have an area they feel safe, it can cause them anxiety and stress. Putting this up on your window will give your cat a comfortable spot that appeals to their natural instincts!



    So Many Things To See!

    It's no secret, cat's love to jump, climb, be elevated, and keep an eye out on everything! It's in their nature... The Hangin Kitty Hammock provides a safe and calming spot for them, so they can gaze out of the window at all the wonders of the world!


    Easy Assembly & Disassembly!

    Have the Hanging Kitty Hammock up and a very happy cat in 5 minutes or less! It works on just about any window, and you can take it down/move it just as easily! 


    Kitty Cat Hammock - The Kitty Korner


    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Is It Safe?

    Absolutely! We use only the highest quality materials, and put the safety of your cat before anything else. Just read the reviews below! We have hundreds of happy customers with happy kitties.

    How much can it hold?

    The hammock uses industrial grade suction cups rated for up to 50 pounds! But we recommend not to exceed 30-40 pounds just to be extra safe! As long as you install it properly, it is extremely secure!

    How much is shipping?

    Shipping is completely free! No extra charges at checkout... That's the worst! We can ship anywhere in the world on us.

    What if I don't like it?

    Based on our 4.8 star review, we're very confident you'll LOVE your kitty hammock! But if you don't, we have a very generous 30 day return policy.



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