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    Rollingfluff® | Hilarious Magic Rolling Ball

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    Why Veterinarians Love the Magic Rolling Ball®

    Reduces Separation Anxiety

    The Magic Rolling Ball is designed to keep your furry friend busy, reducing extreme amounts of stress during the times you leave them alone. It’s great for when you’re at work, have important tasks, or to just wind down and have some quiet time.

    Improves Destructive Behavior

    This toy provides your pets with hours of extra play time! Bad behavior often stems from a lack of exercise, which is why veterinarians worldwide recommend the Magic Rolling Ball.

    Promotes Strong Mental Health

    It’s not uncommon for our dogs to get bored, especially if they’re home alone all day. Designed with interactive features that stimulate your pets’ natural instincts to chase and play, it’s great for keeping our furry friends happy and energetic!

    Key Features 

    Self-Moving and Interactive

    The Magic Rolling Ball automatically rolls all by itself! Its unique interactive feature sparks your pets curiosity to keep them engaged.

    Battery Powered Motor Inside

    It automatically rolls around from the motor inside. Just unscrew the ball, insert one AA battery, click the button at the top, and watch your furry friend play for hours on end!

    Includes 4 Machine Washable Covers

    Each ball includes 4 different machine washable covers (Pink, Blue, Green, and Yellow).
    PETOY™ : Magic Pet Roller Ball Toy – Affinity Cart

    Product Manual

    See our attached video in the gallery above to learn how to use the Hilarious Magic Rolling Ball®



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