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Ultrasonic Peeling By Life is an aesthetic procedure of cleansing, regeneration and skin care. It aims to eliminate wrinkles, expression lines, blackheads, oil and prolong the beauty of your skin.




Blue light wavelength 450 ~480nm: Blue light has a pore contraction effect, while suppressing the active oxygen that causes acne. Ideal for acne-prone and oily skin.

Red light wavelength 605 ~700nm: Red light penetrates deep into the skin at a wavelength of 640 nm, promotes blood circulation, stimulates cells and acts on the production of collagen and elastin in the dermis.

- Exfoliation/Cleansing: The cleansing setting uses vibrations to stimulate a deeper level of skin pores, removing blackheads, dead skin and bacteria.

- Absorption/Moisturizer: This setting uses micro-vibrations to open your pores and break down larger molecules, letting more nutrients into your skin.

- Lifting: The lifting adjustment massages and activates cellular vitality, using delicate vibrations to tighten the skin, creating a visible firmness.

- Practical, fast and painless;

- Suitable for all skin types;

- Can be used on other parts of the body besides the face;

- Helps lighten the skin's machas;



Material: ABSPower

SOURCE: Rechargeable batteryFunction
Galvanic ion +/-

Standard voltage: 110 V - 220 VSize
: 170x43x19mmWeight
: 88gVibration

Frequency: 24000 times/sPower
: 1.5W

Battery capacity: 500mA

Automatic shutdown: 10 min

Charging time: about 2 hours (4 LEDs flash during charging, light up when fully charged)

Package includes:
1x Peeling Ultrasonic By Life1x
Storage Bag

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