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Take a fresh breakĀ® CaptureĀ the perfect soundĀ of peace!

Tired of uncertainty in life? Want to find peace amid chaos? Let's start with Singing Bowls, helping us declutter on social networking & endless entertainment. Allow people to enjoy the calm present state. Feel the Peace right now!


The Best Tibetan Singing Bowls to Buy in 2021

Appreciate deep relaxation

Open you up to insight and calm, beyond the rational mind. This sound and vibrations promote a relaxed state. Perfect for deep meditation, creative thinking, and intuitive messages.

Ā The Best Tibetan Singing Bowls to Buy in 2021

Enjoy Holistic healing

Capture the sound and energy of healing. Promotes spiritual and mental healing by reducing stress. Embrace the unique vibrancy of the singing bowl.


The scaryness of sound: saving people and destroying each other in a narrow  way!


Here are more benefits of Nepal Bowl MusicĀ®

āœ”ļø Love the presence!Ā Relieves all the tension, detoxifies the soul & exchanges it for positive notes. Live a good life and enjoy family & friends.Ā 

āœ”ļø Excellent quality!Ā Beautiful sound, well made, & well worth the investment!Ā 

āœ”ļø Beautiful home dĆ©cor! Handcrafted Tibetan bowl on a bright wooden stand with a felt base. Fresh & wonderful sound.

āœ”ļø Ideal for Yoga classes! Compact & easy to carry around.

āœ”ļø BestĀ gift! Highly recommended gift for yoga students, meditation, spiritual healers. Those who are looking to experience a beautiful daily resonance.


Tibetan singing bowls are used to create harmonics to enhance meditation.  Have a positive day! - GIF on Imgur

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