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Can't resist unlimited control® Now, organized AC/TV from anywhere at any time!

Does the summer heat bother you? Want to come home at the perfect temperature? Mini Skypro keeps your home appliances organized while you're away. Now, enjoy the comfort of your home wherever you are!


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Save energy and enjoy maximum comfort!

Accurate thermometer & humidity sensor that saves up to 40% on your bills. It uses weekly schedules, geofencing, and alarms. It ensures that the filters are clean. Energy and money saver!


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Controls everywhere!

Features 360-degree coverage, time, and voice control. With IR remote control/sensor and three or more functions. The ultimate multifunctional tool! It activates before you arrive & turns off when you leave, using your phone's GPS. 


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Here are more advantages of the Mini Skypro®

✔️ Peace of mind! Power on/off from your phone & set timers according to your lifestyle habits. Easily control your TV, AC, speakers, curtains, & etc.

✔️ Fits all air conditioners & heat pumps! It is easy to install, works with more than 10,000 models, and can be set up in seconds. 100% autopilot. It supports all manufacturers, including Panasonic, Fujitsu, and Carrier.

✔️ All-in-one Home Control! Put an end to all your IR devices' remote controls. It's easy to control all home appliances with Simply Ingenious' app.

✔️ Works with Google, Siri, & Alexa! Currently (iOS 12.0 or later) both Google Siri and Amazon Alexa devices can be paired with it. Life becomes simpler by using a single remote control.

✔️ Set up in seconds! Easy to install and no tools required. Elegant and sleek design with a compact structure. Pets won't be alone at home while you are away.



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