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    Menstrual Cramp Cordless Heating Pad

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    ⚠ Attention! Today is the last day you can order the unique and enhanced Heating Pad with a 50% Discount.

    Tomorrow we will raise the price to the original amount of $76.

    Menstrual pain is now a thing of the past
    with the cordless heating pad - Experience an instant difference!

    Imagine that you had no more pain during your period.

    Imagine that your abdominal pain, nausea, dizziness, and fatigue during your period disappeared with the push of a button.

    When you feel enormous pain and you don't want a time-out from your body, one thing comes to mind:


    Effortless relief

    The Heating Pad uses acupuncture points to induce menstrual pain. By stimulating the right points, your menstruation will be more comfortable.

    The Heating Pad is painless, non-toxic, and suitable for teens, adults, or anyone looking for a nonstressful period that allows you to go on with your daily life.

    Relief from your monthly period

    Our Heating Pad helps relieve menstrual pain and reduction of bloating. 

    We make our straps of a unique lycra material that allows the skin to breathe and prevents irritation during prolonged wear.

    → CRAMP REDUCTION  - 97.5% of women who used our Heating Pad saw a reduction in cramps.

    → FEWER HEADACHES - 95% of women experienced little to almost no headaches after using the heating pad.

    → IMPROVED CONCENTRATION  - 98,1% of women saw an improvement in their concentration and experienced no disadvanced when they were not on their period.


    I'm almost 25 now and started to feel increasingly annoyed about my period cramps. I am still relatively young, but these cramps not only give me pain but also make me feel depressed. I even feel like I am sometimes disadvantaged at work because of my period (I cannot focus on my tasks while others have much more energy). 

    I considered pills to reduce the pain, but I was afraid of the side and long-term effects. These pads seemed worth trying due to the good results I saw online. And wow! I am so happy that this has tremendously reduced the cramps on my period!!! It works so incredibly well and has given me more energy! I feel young and confident again, and even the people around me say I look radiant and healthy again!


    I'm 18 now, and I always had more cramps and pain on my period than my friends did. I am so young, so I know I had to deal with it, but it hurts. Luckily a friend of my mother suggested this product.

    I tried it immediately, and it works so well! These pads have given me more convenience. I am glad that this works; I can enjoy studying and working out. 


    ✔️ Easy to use - Put it around your waist, adjust it to fit, and turn it on. The material used in the straps allows your skin to breathe without irritating it.

    ✔️ Reusable - The rechargeable battery will enable you to use it multiple times without changing batteries. Pain relief in minutes, anytime! 

    ✔️ Environmentally Friendly - The device is non-toxic and suitable for any situation as it is invisible under clothing and makes no noise. It is waterproof and heat resistant.

    ✔️ Pain relief - guaranteed to relieve menstrual pain and reduce bloating. It will help you relax muscles, promote blood circulation, ease discomfort, and reduce pain. Also helpful for a variety of headaches, including migraines.


    - Wrap it around your waist

    - Adjust it to your needs

    - Choose your temperature (3 different heating levels: low, medium, or high)

    - Turn it on and enjoy instant relief!


    Exclusive discount today only!

    - 50% Discount: Menstrual Relief Pad (worth $76).

    - power cord 

    - Instruction manual

    - Our 30 days money-back guarantee if you don't see any improvements

    - Delivery in just 4 - 9 days

    - Secret extra discount for the first 25 lucky customers at the checkout.



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