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    Can't smile? Dental problems? Boost again your self-confidence with this Outstanding smile! Putting an end to frowning & gloomy faces. Bring your best image!

    Ultrasonic Tooth Cleaner-Portable Electric Stains Tartar Plaque Remover  Oral Dental Cleaning Tooth Kit for Whiten Teeth | Lazada PH

    Easy to clean!

    Hard tartar, calculus, smoke stains, & plaque are removed to prevent major gum problems. Get rid of all stains safely. Easy gum health and unique dental care! 

     Ultrasonic Tooth Cleaner –

    Maximum comfort!

    Brush without exerting pressure. Put it in place, turn it on, and you're done. Painless and highly effective after use. Athletes and celebrities alike depend on Magic White for their smiles.


    Sonic Plaque Remover – PetsABillion


    Here are more benefits of Magic White®

    ️Handy & portable! Easy to carry everywhere! Light & compact! Approximately 200 uses with only a single charge. No more power outages! 

    ️ Leaves Healthier gums! An advanced dental calculus remover. Keeping your teeth healthy at the maximum level. It's like you just did a deep cleaning!

    ️ Easy to washed! Safe, convenient, and washable with water directly.

    ️ Convenient! Holds a tool comfortably. Your teeth are all easily accessible. Easy oral hygiene with safe vibration!

    Save 50% of the time! Spend less time cleaning, just to sparkle your teeth. Even sensitive teeth can use it. Let your smile shine & capture your moment!

     Portable Electric Sonic Dental Scaler Tooth Calculus Remover – Infinity Rays

    Read also the experiences of other people who have bought our MAGIC WHITE® ULTRASONIC TOOTH CLEANER. More than 1000 satisfied customers have already tested it!

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