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    Always be connected❤ over any distance!

    Work far away from your wife? No more worry. Distance is no longer an issue! Now, nothing can separate you from her love. No more feeling disconnected!


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    Express “I miss you” message!

    Smart jewelry that prompts love for each other. Sharing the love & understanding between two people without boundaries. Send your love romantically! 


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    Embed “I love you” password! 

    As you hit it, you're expressing your love and connecting with your beloved. The jewelry flashes, an exclusive secret between you and your special person.


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    Here are more benefits of Love code®

    ✔️ Promote your presence! The bracelet can be tap twice to send a message to your partner. Feel your presence as both bracelets flash and vibrate.

    ✔️ Enjoy practical multifunction! It ensures you never miss an important message. Both iOS and Android users can set a calling reminder and a calendar. 

    ✔️ No need to charge! No daily charge is required to replace batteries. Depending on your usage, your battery life will vary.

    ✔️ Waterproof! A chip suitable for water. Submerging underwater is not recommended.

    ✔️ Durable & stylish! Fashion meets technology. Men wear is a leather rope pull-outs with seal cuts. 


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