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    HealthyFit® | Hair Treatment Mask Curly Hair

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    Too Clean Shampoo

    Check out the consistency of the shampoo. it's like nothing you've ever seen or felt before. because it's loaded with aloe vera and other natural moisturizing ingredients. 

    This shampoo juices up your kinks with nourishing aloe  vera leaf, while provitamin B5 gently cleanses your strands from root to tip. the best cleanse  you’ve ever had.

    Moisture starts with shampoo in the Too Easy Collection.

    Too Thicke Deep Conditioner

    Have you ever seen a deep conditioner this thick before? no, you haven't. 

    this is a REAL conditioner with slip and slide that’s all the way live for easy detangling. organic grape seed oil leaves hair too soft and too juicy, as glycerin taps in for extra hydration & nourishment. thicker than thicke!

    Too Soft Leave-In Conditioner

    Finally, a leave-in conditioner that actually does what it says. slippery elm and squalene get down deep to hydrate those kinks for days on end. formulated for soft, creamy goodness!

    Too Slick Styling Cream

    The styler you reach for when you need your kinks to hit different. this styling cream leaves strands juicy, shining, and soft. style your kinks however you wanna.  extra whipped for your kinks’ pleasure!

    "These products are the truth for my hair. I've been natural for over 15 years and tried many, many a product. These have been the best for me. The price is well worth it because the product goes far."

    - Erin W., Verified purchaser

    if your hair isn't more moisturized after just one wash day, then we'll pay! keep the products and get refunded in store credit. then you can try other products for free.
    because we know the struggle of trying a new product and it not working for us. we want you to try ONLY worry-free!


    The Too Easy Collection for Hair



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