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    Reduce your painting time by half® without tape!

    Is it difficult for a beginner to paint an edge? Or do you want to hire a professional, but the cost is quite high. If so, we have the best option for you. Edge Master® offers simple, quick solutions, and a great DIY painting experience!

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    100% Time-saving!

    Eliminates the tedious task of taping and cutting in edges by hand. Reduces the amount of time spent applying masking tape. Reduces the number of painters needed on a job by 50 percent or more.


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    100% comfortable first!

    The XT model fits on any standard paint pole. It allows you to paint the top of the wall against the ceiling without having to climb up & down a ladder.



    Here's more benefits of the Edge Master®

    ­čĺ» Smooth & Flat! No obvious marks after painting, perfect smooth painting.

    ­čĺ» Top-quality! combination of roller, shield & brush ensures quick painting lines.┬á

    ­čĺ» Perfect Choice! for fast work & very suitable for hard-to-reach places.

    ­čĺ» Portability! not take up much space, light & convenient to carry.

    ­čĺ» Simple! Ensures beginner painters can paint straight edges with no┬ámess!



    Read also the experiences of other people who have bought our EDGE MASTER® More than 2550 satisfied customers have already tested it!

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