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    CLEANPAD ™ | Clean clothes without a gram of hair.

    $24.95 $50.00
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    Finally Hair-Free clothes!

    You know it - you wash your clothes, but there's still hair or pet hair on them.

    Thanks to the washing machine inserts, you can finally get rid of this problem!

    💥 NOTE: Temporary promotion worth 160 PLN. Set of 4 CleanPads for the price of 1. Offer while stocks last!


    Sponge on Google Android 10.0 Clean clothes without a gram of hair.
    Sponge on Google Android 10.0 Eco-friendly.
    Sponge on Google Android 10.0 Reusable.
    Sponge on Google Android 10.0 Easy to use.
    Sponge on Google Android 10.0 Compact.
    Sponge on Google Android 10.0 Only now! Two sets for the price of one Free shipping to Poland Promotion valid while stocks last.

    No more hair on your clothes -
    If you are an animal lover, surely this product is addressed to you. With this simple trick you will get rid of the troublesome hairs from your clothes.

    CleanPad is very easy to use. Just put it in the washing machine and after washing, empty and dry it.

    The cartridges are reusable. Remember to clean them after every wash to enjoy their effectiveness longer.

    Read reviews from people who have already bought our product 👇👇.

    Your package temporarily includes extra:
    1+1 FREE: 4 washers for the price of 1 set of washers (50$).



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