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    CarFix Pro® | Plastic Refreshing Coating Agent

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    Be Car-fident® Gently repair without harming your car paint!

    CarFix Pro lifts and separates grease and dirt from deep within the pores of the material. Ensuring a thorough cleaning job. Scrub away oil and grime! This Nano Plastic Refresh coating removes dirt, grease, and body oils. Have peace of mind and be confident!



    Expand your car arsenal to the next level with this car maintenance specialist! Are you afraid of annoying car scratches? Don't let your car be one of the 47.7% that are scratched every year! It doesn't matter if it's a slight scratch, you can easily fix it without having to get an expensive body repair.



    Save your car from scratches from the environment & careless people:

    ✓Remove Scratches -  Its formulation provides a wet look. And makes the car shine intensely and brilliantly. Removes residue, eliminates optical turbulence, and blocks UV radiation.

    ✓Sun Protection Prevents fading, discoloration, and oxidation of your car's paint. when applied to it.

    ✓High-Gloss Finish - Your car gets a mirror-like shine! Polishes its paint, and improves its color and shine.

    ✓Dodge Water Stains - The miracle wax on your car will cause water to roll off. Resulting in less water remaining on the paint.

    ✓Extremely Versatile - It is a universal car beauty wax. That can be apply on paint, glass, plastic, trims, leather, and tires of any color.



    Q. Does this product remove superficial scratches from keys?

    It will definitely help you with key scratches. Please note, that if the scratches are very deep. and you can feel them with your fingernail, it will not be able to correct them 100%. Yet, if the scratches are smaller. and you cannot feel them with your fingernail, this will work perfectly!

    Q. Can this be used with a 3" buffer?

    Yes, you can use this with any buffer for excellent results.

    Q. Do you have to use an electric buffer to polish it?

    Not required! you can use also a sponge & soft cloth. It will work!




    Richard W. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐:

    What a great deal! I did it myself. The results were beyond my expectations! Saved me a few hundred bucks. The pros use the same thing!


    Dave B. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐:

    Wow!! Super easy to use, right out of the bottle, and a tiny bit is a long way. When they say a couple drops they mean a couple drops. I think I needed fewer than ~6 drops to cover my entire trunk. One of the instructions were don’t park in sunlight while using it. In the end, I am fully satisfied!


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